Bed Bugs Can Be Prevented With These Tips From Milberger Pest Control

Bed bugs are one of the toughest and most annoying infestations to get rid of, because once they are established in a Kansas City home, they are difficult to remove. Treatments can be time, labor, and material intensive to truly rid the home of all bed bugs present. The best offense is a strong defense. You can avoid the headache by following these 10 prevention tips.
1) Keep the floor vacuumed – Bed bugs will make their home around your bed. Their movement is not limited to the bed itself so vacuuming the floors will help eliminate them before they get out of control. 
2) Check your pets – Just like with humans, bed bugs are also attracted to pets and their beds as well. They can find comfort and lay eggs in these areas so it’s important that you monitor their bedding to make sure it’s not infested. You should regularly wash pet bedding and use a dryer on the highest heat setting.
3) Clean up clutter – The more cluttered an area, the harder it is to get rid of a bed bug infestation. You will need to start by eliminating clutter against the bedroom wall since this would be the most attractive area for bed bugs to hide. Organize and properly store your belongings to avoid any type of infestation.
4) Cover your mattress – Place encasements around your mattress and box spring so that you can protect it from infestations. This will help prevent bed bugs, but it does not get rid of an ongoing infestation. Mattress covers are available in any bed and bath store.
Milberger provides a free bed bug inspection.
5) Use bed bug monitors – Monitors go under the bed frame to help prevent bed bugs from reaching the bed and taking residence. Unfortunately, these pests are quite persistent and they will find other ways onto the bed. Still, monitors will help determine whether or not you have a bed bug problem.
6) Inspect furniture on a regular basis – Check your furniture for bed bugs on a regular basis so that you can spot these pests as soon as possible. You should also inspect all new furniture when you buy it.
7) Know the difference between bed bugs and fleas – Make sure that you are not dealing with a flea (or other pest) infestation. These two bugs require completely different strategies for elimination. Milberger Pest Control offers a free inspection, so call for your free inspection today if you think you have an infestation.
8) Don’t panic – Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to get rid of but it’s not impossible. Don’t panic and start throwing everything away! In fact, throwing stuff out would just spread the problem to another home.
9) Formulate a plan – At the first sign of an infestation, you need to come up with a plan. Don’t just start spraying poison around your home and hope for the best. In fact, most people in the Kansas City area are better off hiring a professional like Milberger Pest Control to come in and help because the common household just is not prepared to deal with bed bugs.
10) Wash bedding regularly – Wash your bedding regularly and dry them on the highest heat setting. This will help reduce the number of bed bugs that might have infested your bed.
For information about bed bugs and free inspections, call Milberger Pest Control at (816) 761-1313 in Missouri and (913) 384-6760 in Kansas.
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