Pest Control Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Sentricon System be used by itself or must a liquid termiticide be used with it?

The Sentricon System is approved by federal and many state or county regulatory agencies for use as a complete alternative to liquid termiticide barrier treatments. Sentricon is approved for use on existing structures (post-construction treatment) and labeled for use on newly built structures (pre-construction treatment). Sentricon has been evaluated and listed by the Southern Building Code Congress International + as a complete stand-alone alternative to liquid termiticide treatments for new construction. The SBCCI Evaluation Service, a member of the National Evaluation Service, Inc., provides support in the building design and construction industry. The SBCCI develops and maintains a set of model building codes and co-authors the International Building Code for use by local jurisdictions. The Sentricon System is the only termite baiting system to be listed with the SBCCI.

Why are the bugs worse after the initial service?

It is normal to see more activity after the application. Bugs become more active right after we treat. It can take 2-3 weeks for the chemical and/or baits to have full affect.

If I see sawdust and wood shavings, are these termites?

It is most likely carpenter ants.

What is a trip charge for?

To cover the cost of chemicals and baits we use when we come back to retreat.

Can we always get the same technician?

You can request a certain technician to do your service. We try to accommodate as best as possible but scheduling changes occasionally occur.

Does a pest control service work for termites?

No, but we do free termite inspections at your convenience.

Which is a better method to protect a property – a liquid termiticide or the Sentricon System?

The Sentricon System is the best options because it eliminates termite colonies and provides long-term protection by detecting and eliminating new colonies that might invade the area. Old technology, such as liquid termiticide barrier treatments, degrades over time while the Sentricon System is serviced routinely to ensure it remains effective. In addition, it is nearly impossible to complete a uniform barrier around a structure with a liquid termiticide. An opening as small as 1/16 inch may allow termites to enter the structure. The Sentricon System is also environmentally responsible because a small amount of termite bait is used only when and where it is needed by trained and authorized technicians. as a new construction termite treatment, the Sentricon System is installed at final grade, which won’t be affected by construction scheduling or weather delays. Construction disturbance to the soil will not disrupt the effectiveness of the Sentricon System as it would disturb a liquid termiticide treatment.

How are mice getting in my house?

Mice have extremely flexible bones and can fit through any hole that they can get their noses into.

For a general pest control service, where is the bait and/or chemical applied?

We apply the baits and/or chemicals to baseboards, cracks & crevices, window sills, garage, basement and around the outside foundation (for roaches and meal moths, we will treat in any cabinets that are emptied out).

Do you treat for spiders?

Yes, but we don’t guarantee them. We guarantee their food source which is other insects.

Do termites eat sheetrock?

Yes, they eat the cellulose material that makes up part of the sheetrock.

When I make an appointment, do I have to wait around all day or can you give me a time frame?

The first call is schedule between 7-7:30 or 8-8:30, the rest of the day we give two hour time frames.

Do you dust attics for bugs and if so, how often?

We dust attics for silverfish and it is usually only necessary once a year.

Is the Sentricon System more environmentally responsible than liquid termiticide treatments?

The active ingredient in the Sentricon System – Noviflumuron -is delivered to termites through Recruit (TM) IV and Recruit AG termite bait. It is used in very small quantities, less than an ounce, only when and where it is needed. Recruit was the first product approved under the EPA’s Reduced Risk Pesticide Initiative. In 2000, it became the first termite treatment product to receive the highly respected Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award from the EPA.

Are your inspectors and technicians experienced and knowledgeable?

All of our technicians and inspectors are highly trained and are either registered or certified in Missouri and Kansas.