Choosing a Pest Control Company in Blue Springs to Handle Roaches

Pest Control offered by Milberger solves cockroach infestations and other household pest problems. How to choose a pest control company in Blue Springs, MO that handles roaches is covered in this week’s blog. 

Are you looking for a local trusted roach extermination company to handle roaches? Let’s talk about what sets Milberger apart from the rest and what you should look for. 

When choosing a pest control company, Milberger recommends these tips:

 1.   Experience – We have serviced homes and businesses for the last 80 years and counting. Our business has been operating and thriving since 1936! That’s knowledge and experience you can rely on.

2.    Proven Techniques – We don’t use outdated techniques to get the job done. Our exterminators are certified and participate in continuing education trainings. 

3.    Customer Service – Does the company you are calling answer your phone call, respond the same business day to your online inquiry, or return quote requests as promised? 

4.    Professional From Start to Finish – Ever call a company and feel like the person answering the phone doesn’t know the answer? We hire the best — from our front line office staff to extermination technicians to insure you have a streamlined experience.
5.    Guaranteed Results – Does the company you are considering guarantee on a pest free environment? Milberger Pest Control does. If you see a bug in your home up to 30 days after a treatment, give us a call and we’ll retreat at no cost to you. 

Blue Springs Roach Extermination

Baiting treatments from Milberger Pest Control exterminators in Blue Springs also offer less chemical exposure than other extermination methods. Less pesticide is applied to the environment when compared to conventional treatments. Baits release no offensive odors into your home and are not harmful to people or pets. Bait stations are child-resistant, and the gel bait can be applied in areas not accessible to children and pets.

Foraging roaches consume lethal doses of bait, then return to their nest. Because they carry the bait on their legs and bodies just like bacteria, they poison many other roaches who also receive a lethal dose before they die within 24-72 hours.

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