Cockroach Pest Control in Kansas City

“The German Cockroach, the most common and resiliant indoor cockroach in Kansas City and Overland Park, carry various bacterium.”

          With the reputation as one of nature’s top escape artists and able to disappear from sight at the flick of a light, sightings of the German Cockroach are most commonly reported in the evening hours. They are probably the biggest problem for home owners next to termites. Though nocturnal, this cockroach can be seen in the day occasionally, especially if the population is large or they have been disturbed.

          Cockroaches are known for spending time in filthy environments picking up pathogens and bacteria from those environments on their legs and bodies allowing them to carry salmonella, a diarrhea-causing amoeba and polio-virus. When inside a residence with an exposed food source, they will spread bacteria directly to our foods, causing us to get sick, in addition to triggering allergies and asthma in some people.

          German Cockroaches prefer close spaces, fitting into small cracks and crevices, thereby evading humans and do-it-yourself pest control efforts. The German Cockroach reproduces faster than any other residential cockroach, going from egg to sexually mature adult in approximately four months. If you have a small cockroach infestation, it is best to have it exterminated immediately, before it has a chance to grow into a problem that becomes more difficult to control. Successful cockroach control begins with prevention and sanitation. Your residence does not have to be dirty or unkempt for a cockroach problem to develop. Homeowners should eliminate all sources of water since cockroaches cannot survive long without it. Make sure there are no leaking pipes or standing water in the kitchen and bathrooms, including all sinks and catch basins under refrigerators.

          Homeowners may wish to tackle the problem themselves, or they may elect to contract the services of a professional pest control exterminator. Evertt Milberger pest control has the equipment and training to do a thorough job and have access to quality products not available to homeowners throughout Kansas and Missouri.