Exterminator vs Pest Control – Who Will Help Me More?

Searching for an exterminator? How do you hire an effective exterminator? When searching online, should you search for pest control or exterminator? What is the difference? Is there a difference? This blog will review what those keywords mean to the pest control industry and inform you on how to search. 

Have you been wondering what the difference is between an exterminator and a pest control professional? How do you know if you should hire an exterminator or a pest control company? Generally speaking, exterminators rely on chemicals (pesticides) alone to eliminate the unwanted pests. A pest control company, such as Milberger Pest Control will work to identify what attracted pests to your home in the first place and create a plan to prevent them from infesting again in the future. 

An exterminator will get rid of your pests. Sometimes a guarantee on work is offered and sometimes one is not. Milberger offers guarantees on our work because we are a full-service Pest Control company and will work to not only kill the pests already within your home but keep them out for good. 

Pest Control technicians treat different pests differently — there is not “one chemical fits all” solution here. Milberger offers “extermination” services because that is the verbiage our customers ask for, but our goal is not just to eliminate the pests for today but to create a pest control prevention treatment plan that will keep pests out. 

Whenever you need help, Milberger is here for you. 

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