Five New Year’s Resolutions for a Pest-Free Home

Now that the ball has dropped and the calendar has turned to 2016, it’s time to start living up to those well-intentioned New Years’ resolutions. And while resolving to dust off the running shoes and get in better shape is on Milberger Pest Control‘s list, I’m also hard at work on my biggest resolution: helping homeowners enjoy a pest-free living environment all year long.

Even with our extensive resources and deep pest know-how, keeping these resolutions is not a solo act. We need our customers to help us by taking measures to deny disease-carrying and potentially destructive pests access to their living spaces.

Milberger Pest Control has come up with the top five New Years’ resolutions to help homeowners keep pests where they belong in 2016 – on the outside looking in.

Resolution # 1: Clean It – Keep food (both human and pet) in sealed containers, and do not leave food sitting out overnight. Clean up crumbs and food spills immediately., leaving no leftovers that can attract pests. Do not store firewood near your house, either, as it provides shelter for pests like rodents, cockroaches and spiders. 

Resolution # 2: Inspect It – Give packages you bring home from the store or take out of storage (i.e., seasonal decorations, clothes or camping gear) a thorough inspection for such signs of pest activity as rodent droppings and chewed packaging. Carefully inspect your luggage when coming home from a trip, and check around your yard for signs of standing water – a prime breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Resolution # 3: Have It Inspected – When was the last time your home had a professional termite inspection performed? It’s a good idea to have your biggest investment inspected annually for signs of termite activity or damage from these destructive pests.

Resolution # 4: Seal It – Make sure the caulk and seals around doors and windows, weatherstripping, and window screens are in good repair so that pests don’t have easy access to your home.

Resolution # 5: Be Proactive – It’s less expensive to have preventative pest management services performed in your home on a regular basis, rather than waiting to call only when pests are literally crawling across the floor. Milberger Pest Control knows that it’s easier to keep pests out of a structure than remove them once they move in.

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