Pest Control 101 – How to Prevent Pests at Home & When to Call in a Professional

Pest Control Tips for Homeowners in Blue Springs and the KC area are shared in this blog by Milberger Pest Control experts. Milberger has been serving the Blue Springs Community and surrounding areas for over 80 years. All of our technicians are trained, certified and bonded so you receive professional results and excellent customer service every time. 

What Can I Do to Control Pests At Home?

Pests enter your home seeking shelter or food. If you do your best to either prevent access, remove their food source, or create a barrier if they do cross the threshold, you will be on your way to a pest free home. This includes pet food or feed kept in barns as well. 
Milberger recommends you dispose of garbage regularly and keep it in a container with a tightly closed lid. If pests do not have a food source within your home, they will seek it elsewhere. 
Our exterminator technicians also advise sealing off any cracks or holes through which pests may be entering. This includes door frames, window screens, soffits and the attic and basement areas. You can apply weather stripping or caulking to exposed seams to help ensure there are no gaps. 
You can try making your own “bug repellant” solution make up of 2 cups water, 2 Tablespoons vinegar (apple cider works best), 1 Tablespoon dish soap and 10 drops essential oil (try peppermint, citronella or eucalyptus).Spray this where you see pest activity, around doorways or where ants have been spotted. 

How Do I Know When to Call in the Experts?

We take guarding your Blue Springs home very seriously at Milberger Pest Control. If any of the below apply to you, please reach out to our experts today!
·         You have spotted bed bugs
Bed bugs can easily be carried home on clothing or luggage, so if you are a frequent traveler, preventing an infestation in your home is very important. If you have seen them in your home, you have probably found them in the folds of mattresses or sheets or seen rust-colored blood spots left behind on your mattress. We offer free bed bug inspections for Blue Springs and Kansas City customers!
·         You have seen more than 1 Insect in the last 24 hours
Seriously. Let’s keep those pests out of your home! Each year in Blue Springs, ants become active in early spring (March-April) and remain so through early fall (October-September). Most ant colonies become dormant during winter, but indoor nests may have some continued activity. Early prevention of ants can avoid this problem next year.
·         You have found pest droppings
Unfortunately this is a tell-tale sign that rodents are near. It is only a matter of time before property damage will begin occurring. We have professional methods to kill off or bait out the unwanted guests. Not only will we get them out, we’ll prevent them from returning.

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