Pest Control For Ants

No worthwhile pest control strategy in Kansas City, Lee’s Summit, Grandview, or Blue Springs is complete without safeguarding your home or business against ants. Despite appearing benign, ants can cause significant structural damage, contaminate food supplies, and inflict painful bites.

Since 1936, Milberger has been committed to eradicating infestations in homes and businesses. Our approach is unique: instead of sending salespeople, we dispatch trained technicians skilled in identifying and treating pests in the Kansas City, Missouri.

Ants Can Cause Damage to Your Home and Lawn

Our extensive experience has shown us the wide range of damage ants can inflict. They can gnaw through kitchen cabinets and drywall, harm wooden structures, and even destroy wiring and insulation. Food and pantry items often need to be discarded and replaced, and structural repairs are required after ant invasions. The time and money invested in managing these issues can exceed what many homeowners are willing to bear.

Ants are not only a threat indoors; they can also devastate your yard. They may damage grass roots while tunneling or cover grass with their mounds. Freshly seeded lawns are particularly vulnerable as ants might harvest the seeds for consumption or storage. Additionally, ants are attracted to fruit trees, climbing them to feed on the sweet produce rather than just scavenging fallen fruit from the ground.

With the recent warm weather, ants are actively foraging for food to sustain their colonies. If you’ve noticed ants around your home, it’s time to contact Milberger for a free pest control inspection.

The skilled exterminators at Milberger Pest Control Service in Kansas City will suggest the safest treatment options tailored to your situation. Sometimes, eliminating a large colony provides immediate relief. In other instances, a broad-spectrum barrier treatment is all that is needed.

Keep Ants Away with Trusted Experts – Milberger Pest Control! 

Milberger Pest Control has been addressing termite and pest issues, including ants, in the Kansas City metropolitan area for over 80 years. We often provide same-day service. Pest management services are available on a one-time, quarterly, or monthly basis, depending on the severity of the problem and the specific needs of your location.

For more details on ant control in Kansas City, Lee’s Summit, Grandview, Blue Springs or the surrounding areas, reach out to Milberger at (816) 761-1313 in Missouri or (913) 384-6760 in Kansas, or visit our website to request your free inspection.