Pest Control Service Kansas City Can Help With Flea Control

Pest control service Kansas City is needed for flea control, and Milberger Pest Control is ready for the job. Milberger has been a trusted household name for more than three generations.  What that means for you is we are extremely experienced in eliminating the both the pests you see – and the ones you don’t see.

Only one percent of a potential flea population in your home or business is in the adult stage, so you must interrupt the flea’s life cycle at an immature stage to prevent continuous flea infestation. As such, many of the following techniques are designed to prevent the immature stages of the flea from developing into adults. Pest control service Kansas City, Milberger, knows how to get rid of fleas.

Milberger pest control fleas ticks pest control summerThere are a variety of ways that do not require insecticides for effective flea control. These fall into the categories:

Pet grooming – A flea may spend all its adult life on your pet. Although a flea may sometimes jump off your pet, fleas will typically feed, lay egg, and make food for future generations, all on your pet. Flea combs, soaking your pet (with its head above water, of course!), bathing your pet, and cutting its hair are all a few ways to get rid of fleas. If none of this seems to work, Milberger Pest Control Kansas City can help.

Housekeeping – Places that your pet frequents, like particular sleeping areas, are prime sites for large numbers of flea eggs and larvae. To help with flea control, towels that can be washed frequently can be placed where your pet sleeps and washed every other day.

Lighted traps – A flea can be lured into a trap at night, even if there’s a live host available. A trap consists of a light source and a means to either hold or kill the fleas. Pest control service Kansas City can advise on which type of lighted traps are the most effective.

Desiccant powders – These are powders that kill fleas by dehydrating the insect as the powder absorbs waxes from the flea’s body. Desiccant powders are technically an insecticide since an insecticide is any substance that kills insects.

There are many ways types of flea control, and now that the weather is warming up, a pest control service Kansas City like Milberger is ready to help, from cockroaches to termites. For more information, call Milberger Pest Control at (816) 761-1313 in Missouri and (913) 384-6760 in Kansas. To request a free quote, click here.