Fall Mice and Rat Pest Control

We get pest control calls all year, mostly in the Spring and Summer – but Fall and Winter pest control is still in demand. Why? Because the cooler days makes some of the worst pest move into your home where it is warm. For instance, mice and rats. Some people may find them to be cuddly and lovable pets, but when they are unwelcome guests in your home, there is absolutely nothing appealing about these rodents! In fact, they can cost hundreds in damages, ruin precious memories, and can be dangerous to your children and pets (by carrying disease or biting).milberger-pest-control-mice-rats-rodents-kansas

Much of Kansas City and neighboring cities, started out as prairie land. A “field mouse” is still a field mouse even if you build a bunch of homes on the field. So a rodent infestation is a common thing around the Kansas City area. Mice and rats move into your home because it is warm, there are plenty of places to hide and bread, and there is an endless supply of food. All it takes is one tiny crack or hole in the walls, windows, floors or foundation of your home and rodents can easily enter your home.

Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t notice they have a rodent infestation until it is too late. Rodents reproduce VERY quickly. There can be as many as 200 new additions to a mouse “family” in just a few months. So, when you see mouse droppings or catch a mouse in a mouse trap, it is safe to assume there are more, LOTS MORE. Regardless of the size of your rodent problem, the best way to eradicate these critters forever is to enlist the help of trained pest control specialists.

You can take action to help prevent rodents from entering your home or enjoying their stay:

  • Use cement or metal to seal any and all cracks, holes and other openings in your home’s exterior
  • Make sure all doors and windows close all the way, are secure at all times and there are no rips/holes in storm window or screens
  • Store foods in glass or metal containers with super tight lids
  • Properly dispose of all food as soon as you are finished with it

In pest control, prevention is best but often not reality. When it comes to pest control, sometimes you have to know what you have before you can truly exterminate the problem. For instance, if you have eliminated 3 or 4 mice/rats with a trap and they are all adults…it is safe to assume that you have a larger “family” living in your home.

Traps catch SOME mice, but a pest control technician will evaluate your entire home and eliminate the entire infestation. Although home remedies and store bought extermination sprays, traps, and kits may work…They just can’t compete with the expertise and powerful products used by a trained professional pest control technician. It is better to eliminate the infestation than it is to catch them one at a time or hope they eat the poisoned pellets you laid out for them.