A Pest Control Service Is More Effective Controlling Ant Problems Than Do-It-Yourself Solutions

A pest control service like Milberger Pest Control in the Kansas City area can help when you have ants. You may have noticed that ants are more frequent visitors to your home during the springtime, perhaps more than any other season. When the weather starts showing signs of warming up, ants generally show up each year just as regularly as Mother’s Day. This phenomenon is nothing new, but it does help to understand how ants work and why they might be interested in moving in with you each March or April.

Ant control can be difficult, and a pest control service in the Kansas City area like Milberger Pest Control is more effective than doing it yourself, but there are some things you should know about how ants’ behavior can lead to big headaches for you and your home:

  • Entry:Ants can enter through even the tiniest cracks, seeking water and sweet or greasy food substances in the kitchen pantry or storeroom areas.
  • Scent trails:Ants leave an invisible chemical trail which contains pheromones for others to follow once they locate the food source.
  • Nest locations:They can nest about anywhere in and around your house; in lawns, walls, stumps, even under foundations.
  • Colony size:Colonies can number up to 300,000 to 500,000, and whole colonies can uproot and relocate quickly when threatened.
  • Colony Lifetime:A colony can live a relatively long lifetime. Worker ants may live seven years, and the queen may live as long as 15 years.
  • Do it yourself effectiveness:Most do-it-yourself ant control approaches kill only the ants you see. Some truly effective treatments can penetrate and destroy nests to help prevent these pests from returning. Also, home remedies don’t account for the fact that different kinds of ant infestations require different treatments.

Although the initial investment may be more expensive with a professional pest control service in the Kansas City area, it may end up being the cheaper alternative.  If the in-store pesticides are not effective, they may result in the growth of your pest control problem.  Continuing to buy in-store products can get expensive, not to mention the potential damage to your home that pests can cause.

Milberger Pest Control spring ants war

An experienced and knowledgeable pest control service in the Kansas City area like Milberger will be able to quickly identify and treat your problem.  They are also able to answer any questions that you have about prevention or other issues that you are experiencing.  Their experience and expertise can keep your home and family healthier than just reading the instructions on a label.

When the warm weather of spring drives ants inside to look for food, it is important that you be prepared by keeping your food storage, preparation and dining areas very clean and free from food particles. The sweeter the food, the more ants are generally attracted to it, so watch out for sugar and honey spills or fruit juice that has been left out on the table. Eliminating your food and water sources is the first step in nipping spring ant infestations in the bud.

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