The Reason DIY Pest Control is NOT a Good Idea

There are just as many DIY pest control solutions on the internet as there are pests in your home! Everett Milberger Pest Control has been exterminating pests in Kansas City since 1936, so we know a thing or two about pest control. Usually, we get the call for two reasons:

  1. DIY pest control solutions have not worked
  2. Bed bugs

With bed bugs, you probably understand why it makes sense to call in the professionals – you want to know the bed bugs are gone! But when it comes to insects and other bothersome pests, most people try home remedy after home remedy before they call Milberger Pest Control.milberger-pest-control-vs-diy-pest-control

Since we are coming to the end of summer, we thought you might like to know the reason why DIY pest control is NOT a good idea.

  1. What you get in the stores is not as powerful as the chemicals an exterminator will use. There are several pesticides that are not available for consumers to buy. The stuff in the stores may say it is 100% effective and guaranteed. BUT they won’t!
  2. You have to understand how to use pesticides in order to get results. A pest control expert knows how, when and where to treat! Even if the do-it-yourself products do work, you may not know how to use them effectively. Temperature, indoor vs outdoor, weather conditions all have a huge effect on DIY products. You could waste more money and time than had you called a professional.
  3. Getting rid of pests takes more than just putting down the bait or pesticide and leaving. Pest control is a comprehensive process and a professional exterminator has been trained and certified to identify pests (seen and unseen) and treat them with lasting results. A fly strip will catch a few flies, but an exterminator will prevent them from coming back? Exterminators know how to make sure the pests are gone, never to return.
  4. Just because it is a “home-remedy” doesn’t make it safe for you, your kids, your pets, or your home! Exterminators know the health and environmental risks of all the products they use and will warn you of any possible health hazards or allergens.
  5. DIY products and remedies treat every pest the same, but an exterminator will bring knowledge and experience to the job and create a solution that is right for your home and the pests who are trying to live there. Certain products say they kill ants and roaches, which may be true, but there a hundreds of types of ants and roaches and these one-size-fits-all cans of bug spray will not stop these pests from returning.

There are all kinds of varieties of ants, roaches, spiders, bugs, beetles… and not all types are killed by the same things. DIY products and internet remedies may cost you more in the long run or make you think the problem is gone. Just because you don’t see the pest doesn’t mean it has left your home. Most likely it has hidden itself within your home’s walls, basement and attic. Exterminators can remove the immediate problem and prevent further infestation.

Remember, most of the calls we get come from people who have tried DIY products and home-remedies and still have a pest control problem. Save yourself some money, time and frustration and call Everett Milberger Pest Control NOW!

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