Termites: The Slow, Yet Sure Threat In Blue Springs, Missouri

Termites in Blue Springs, Missouri are one of the most destructive pests that you’ll encounter, and stopping an infestation early is crucial to cutting down the expense associated with their damage. Although it may take a termite a long time to chew through the wood of your home or office, they will eventually succeed in severely weakening the structure. If left alone, a termite infestation could result in substantial damages and lengthy repairs.

The Life of a Termite

The Eastern Subterranean Termites are social insects that are related to ants. Like ants, they live in colonies, with each member filling a specific role. Termites feed on cellulose or wood materials. Some of their food source is found in the ground, like trees, but they will also feed on your home. Termite colonies can become very large, very quickly, and the growing size represents a growing threat to the stability of your home. On average, colonies range in size from around 500,000 up to 5,000,000. They work 24 hours a day and only need fractions of an inch to invade your home. The annual loss due to structural damage by termites is more than $2 billion!

As a colony grows, the colony will seek to expand by sending out a new young queen. This winged termite will fly with a swarm of fellow insects to locate a new territory and settle in to begin building a new home. This swarming behavior usually occurs in the early spring in Blue Springs, Missouri.

It could take months or even years for termite damage to become evident. As the colony grows, it will spread through your home and become more disruptive. Since termites are so much smaller than the wood they are chewing, you may not notice the trails of damage they leave right away. However, the constant gnawing by insects will weaken the structure, and the wood may even collapse before physical damage is obvious to the naked eye. Simply stated, termite damage is inevitable—the sooner you can remove them, the less you will spend on long-term repairs.

How to Rid Your Home of Termites

The first challenge to ridding a home in Blue Springs, Missouri of termites is identifying them in the first place. Many people don’t know that their house has been invaded by these critters until the termites reach the “swarm” phase, where they relocate as a colony. If you already have an established colony in your home, you may not know they’re there without having the property thoroughly examined.

For Kansas City home and business owners, termites can pose a serious problem. If you suspect you might have termites, it’s important to contact a professional for immediate assistance. At Millberger Pest Control, we’ll be happy to talk with you and create a termite removal plan that will protect your structure and save you money.