Bedbugs Alert: Avoid Unwanted Guests This Holiday Season

Americans and bedbugs travel during the holidays. These unwanted guests might be traveling with your family and friends. The holidays bring visitors and well-wishers into your home: family members from out of town, college students back home for the holidays, neighbors stopping by with gifts or treats, and children playing with friends over the winter break. You need to be alert and aware because all the people in and out of your home could be unknowingly bringing bedbugs with them. 
milberger-pest-control-bedbugs-myths-February-blog-2018.jpgUnwanted bedbug guests can travel on luggage from family coming in from out of town, on college student’s dirty laundry from the dorm rooms, or on 
visiting friend’s clothing.  Some ways to be alert are:

Know What Bedbugs Look Like

Bedbugs are small, oval, brownish insects.  An adult bedbug will have flat body about the size of an apple seed; however, after feeding their bodies swell and are a reddish color. Larval and newly hatched bugs are transparent and about the size of a poppy seed and quite a bit harder to see. 

If you do think you have seen one, catch it and keep it in a sealed container.  Everett Milberger Pest Control has been fighting bedbugs for over 80 years and can help you identify a bedbug and avoid a possible infestation.

Know Where Bedbugs Hide

Bedbugs may enter your home undetected through luggage from visiting family members, clothing of your children’s friends dropping in over winter break, used beds and couches, and other items that may have been in your college student’s dorm room or apartment.

Humans are bedbugs food source.  Bedbugs feed by piercing the skin and withdrawing blood through an elongated beak. They feed from three to 10 minutes to become engorged and then crawl away unnoticed.  Bedbugs like to stay hidden and close to a food source.  Therefore, since humans are food they will migrate from luggage, discarded clothing, or thrift store furniture to be closer to a food source.  That’s right, friends and family could unknowingly bring them in and leave them at your house, leaving you with these unwanted guests and the headache of getting rid of them.

Milberger-Pest-Control-Bedbugs-holiday-unwanted-guests-2018.Be sure to check over your college student’s furniture, books, clothing and bedding for any signs of bedbugs.  Check over your visiting family’s luggage.  All the seams and stitching should be checked as well as the clothing inside.  When children’s friends come over for a visit, check over their coats and any outdoor wear they may have brought over.  Keep guest’s coats in a closet, empty of all your clothing and coats.  If you want to be sure you are not housing any unwanted bedbug guests call Everett Milberger Pest Control for a thorough inspection on your house when house guest leave.

If you think you have a problem with bed bugs or need an inspection, call Milberger Pest Control at (816) 761-1313 or (913) 384-6760 for a professional opinion.