Best Pest Control Tips for Fall 2023

Need pest control advice for fall? Keep reading for the top tips from the experts at Milberger Pest Control. We are born and bred Kansas City exterminators, tackling the pest problems of Blue Springs, Raymore, Shawnee, Overland Park and Prairie Village and surrounding areas for the past three generations. 

Top Tips for the Most Common Pests in Missouri and Kansas:

  • Insects and Spiders
    • How they enter: Through small cracks in your home’s foundations or entryways.
    • What you can do to eliminate them: Keep plants, trees and shrubs trimmed away from home. Remove food sources or keep perishable items up high and off ground level. Use bait stations
  • Bed Bugs
    • How they enter: through infected clothing or linen items
    • What you can do to eliminate them: While these are prevalent at hotels and dorm rooms, it is possible to spread them back to your own home by mistakenly bringing them back in your own luggage. These tiny bugs do bite and can be quite a nuisance. We offer free bed bug inspections. If you see tiny blood spots on your hotel bed or around the bed area, do not sleep there. 
  • Mice and Rodents
    • How they enter: In larger cracks or gaps in your home
    • What you can do to eliminate them: Keep food sources put away, including your garbage can. Store soft items in plastic and away from mice. Regularly inspect for rodent activity in your home’s storage areas, including garages and sheds.
  • Fleas
    • How they enter: On infected cats or dogs
    • What you can do to eliminate them: Bathe cat or dog with flea shampoo, dispose of rugs that animals may have encountered. Wash in HOT water any blankets or smaller items that infected animals have had contact with. Use flea and tick preventative on your pet. Treat carpets with flea powder or steam shampooer. All fleas, larvae and eggs will need to be eradicated to prevent future breakouts.

When to Hire a Professional:

1.    When your neighbors are moving. They have likely shifted boxes and had traffic in spaces that had not been touched in a while. This is sure to stir up critters and you don’t want them moving in to your home. Likewise, if you have new neighbors moving in, they could have brought pests along with them in the moving truck so it’s best to be proactive in these cases. 
2.    You see signs of an infestation. It’s time for a professional to have a look and start mediating the problem. What you can see on the surface is often much worse underneath, especially when we’re talking about termites or cockroaches. If you see pest droppings, are finding dead bodies or suspect activity, don’t hesitate to have an inspection done by one of our trained professionals. 
3.    General maintenance. You’ll never regret participating in a quarterly maintenance plan. Clients who choose this service often don’t see any pest activity, and if they do, we come out and re-treat at no charge. Keeping your home pest free also means the inside and outside structures are not being damaged by pests. 

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