Pest Control for Mice & Rodents

Pest control for mice and rodents is best tackled with a multi-pronged approach. This includes sealing up access points, eliminating food and water sources and setting traps or bait stations. For those of you who are not ready to hire the neighborhood cat to take care of your rodent problems, services by Milberger Pest Control in the Raytown, MO and Jackson County surrounding areas are available. 
What is a Rodent?
By encyclopedia definition, rodents are “mammals characterized by upper and lower pairs of ever-growing rootless incisor teeth.” In Missouri we know rodents such as the Norway Rat, House mouse, deer mouse, vole, lemming, woodchuck and nutria. Squirrels, prairie dogs, chipmunks and marmots are also rodent as they have the continually growing 4 front teeth. Rabbits, moles and hedgehogs are not rodents, but can be equally as pesky.  
What Can I Do for Better Pest Control at my Blue Springs, Independence or Surrounding Area Residence?
Rodent infestations occur when rodents seek out a more temperate living environment. This means they can usually find a food source either inside or close to your home. Removing these — such as sealing away garbage bags, dog or cat food and bird seed as well as fixing any leaks that make puddles for little mice drinking stations will help. Putting away food sources, or storing them in plastic containers will help prevent rodents in your home. 
If you do find a gap in your foundation or around a spigot outside, seal it up with caulk or a copper mesh sponge to prevent them from entering your home. Tree limbs that hang over your roof also provide an excellent access point for squirrels and rats to access your attic area. 
Setting bait stations or traps are another way to keep the population down at your home. If you would like the infestation efforts handled by a professional, or have seen rodent activity in your home or garage, contact Milberger Pest Control today. 
Why Should Mice and Rodent Extermination Be a Priority for Me This Fall?
Rats, Mice and other rodents are destructive and can pose a health hazard to food supplies. If you would like an inspection or want some tips on what you can do to manage the rodents you see, reach out to us today to get on the schedule!
Contact us or Call Milberger at 816-761-1313 / 913-384-6760 to schedule an inspection in the Kansas City metro area with one of our trained technicians. The technician will evaluate your entire home and create a comprehensive pest control plan.