Pest Control in the Fall Prevents Winter Pests!

Each season has its own unique pest control problems. Fall is Milberger Pest Control’s favorite season because this is the BEST time to prepare your home or office. Proper preparations means you can stop an infestation from developing. Cold weather is when pests move indoors, so in the fall you can be prepared for rodents, raccoons, spiders and cockroaches.

No one wants to spend the winter with rodents who contaminate food, damage electrical wires and transmit diseases, or raccoons who create massive messes. Spiders hide in dark spaces and bite when they feel threatened so putting on coats, boots, socks all become hazardous. When it comes to pest, none is worse than cockroaches. They bring filth and diseases into home and breed quickly.

Preparing for Fall Pest Control

The first step in fall pest control is to locate and seal all potential points of entry. We thoroughly inspect the exterior of your home or office, looking for cracks, small holes and crevices. The most common place we find holes is where utility pipes come into your home. 

Before Milberger Pest Control arrives you can do some investigations on your own and take steps to block large gaps or holes. Steel wool is good for packing gaps because rodents are unable to chew through it. You can also install screens across the openings of attic vents, chimneys and any other places that leave your home open to the elements. Remember to secure commonly overlooked holes, like pet doors or mail slots and underneath doors.

Around the outside of your home, remove clutter, clean out your gutters, trim branches and shrubs. This helps eliminate places for bugs and rodents to nest and breed. Also, make sure that your basement, crawl spaces and attics are dry and well ventilated. You can do this with a dehumidifier.

Professional Pest Control

When temperatures begin to drop, small critters start searching for a warm place to spend the winter, and your home or office is exactly what they need. Even with the most diligent prevention methods, pest can find a way in and the annoying biting, odors, illness, and mess begin. Over the counter pest control may seem to work; however, they only treat what you can see. A trained professional pest control technician can find the nest or source and eliminate the problem.

Milberger Pest Control has been in the business since 1936 and we know a few things about pest control. We will inspect your home or office, explain exactly what you are up against and offer solutions to treat the problem you have, as well as take steps to prevent future problems. Fall is the best time to contact us so we can help you have a pest-free winter!