Bedbugs in Kansas City Invade Bookworm Territory

The big news in Kansas City…Bedbugs are on the move and invading bookworm territory throughout the city! Although this sounds like a joke, we assure you it is not. Pest control professionals know, bedbugs can travel and often hide in books, bookshelves, furniture, behind paintings, etc. – making places like bedrooms, galleries, airports, hotels, and lobbies their favorite hangouts.  These pest were found in a few libraries and in our airport recently.
A public library in Shawnee, KS closed its doors for a week because of bedbugs. They had professional pest control remove the infestation. This is not an easy task. Bedbugs are tiny and can easily travel from furniture to a person’s clothing or handbag/briefcase or within a book or group of papers (like old newspapers or magazines). The library issued a warning to all who had visited to put checked out items into a plastic bag and return them to the library to be treated. Bedbugs breed and spread quickly so patrons were also encouraged to have professional pest control exterminate their homes. 
Earlier this year, a mezzanine at Kansas City International Airport was closed because of a bedbugs. Pest control was brought and the mezzanine was closed until the infestation was eliminated. This actually happens more than you realize, since they easily travel with us, unnoticed, in our luggage and on our clothing. Travelers transport bedbugs from home to airport to plane to hotel to office…on a very regular basis. 

If you are traveling you may want to inspect your room: look behind pictures, under mattresses, behind headboard and under furniture. Move out the bed and check the linens and mattress pad. Check closets and nightstands, inside and out. Even if where you are staying is a 5 star resort, remember bedbugs can’t read or care about income levels. If you encounter bed bugs while traveling, then you will need to take some immediate precautions to avoid potentially bringing them home with you.
If you have a library of old books in your home and travel … you might want to check your bookshelves, furniture, luggage and clothing. If you find bedbugs, you may want to contact professional pest control like Milberger Pest Control. (816) 761-1313 in MO and (913) 384-6760 in KS.