How An Exterminator In Kansas City Controls Spiders

A professional exterminator in Kansas city like Milberger Pest Control can take care of insects and bugs that may invade your home or business, including spiders. Spiders are one of the most feared of all pests in the home. There are more phobias about spiders than any other pest!

Some people are mostly just fearful of venomous spiders (black widow and brown recluse, in our area), and not irrationally. They are rarely life-threatening, but a bad reaction to the venom can land you in the ER. Others just find them creepy, like tiny real-life horror monsters.

To kill a spider, you must make contact with a direct spray. Spiders are arachnids, not insects. True insects (such as ants, roaches, and wasps), use their mouths to groom themselves, so they end up eating insecticide that gets on their feet, legs, and bodies. But spiders don’t routinely use their mouthparts to clean themselves. They will clean their leg if there is a large particle stuck to it, but it’s not a habit that will guarantee pesticide will kill them. In addition, most spiders spend their entire lives sitting in webs (a non-treated surface). Therefore the only way to kill them with insecticide is a “contact kill.” An exterminator in Kansas City from Milberger Pest Control instead treats for the food source of the spiders.

How To Control Spiders In The Home

Spiders eat other insects, so reducing the insects around your home will reduce their food sources, and spiders will be less interested in hanging around. Most spiders like to hang out near light sources, which helps them capture flying insects that are attracted to light. 

A web-spinning spider will let her meals come to her while hunting spiders are more athletic — they really do run down their prey. A subcategory of hunting spiders is jumping spiders. If you’ve seen one of those, you recognize it. They have more of a pouncing behavior to capture their prey. The spiders with short, stubby legs are almost all of the jumping variety. The spiders with long – but not delicate – legs are the running spiders. These include wolf spiders and the brown recluse, both of which are found in the Kansas City area. You won’t find those spiders spinning a web. 

Tips For Spider Control:

  • Regular removal of spider webs is the best way to mitigate infestation.
  • Sealing up cracks around windows and doors helps prevent their entry.
  • Switch exterior lights to the yellow “bug light” bulbs, which attract fewer flying insects that spiders feed on.
  • Treatments by an exterminator in Kansas City to exterior spider nesting sites can help reduce the number of spiders when combined with an overall pest management program.

An Exterminator In Kansas City You Can Trust 

Insect baiting treatments from Milberger Pest Control offer less chemical exposure than other extermination methods for controlling the spiders’ food supply. Less pesticide is applied to the environment when compared to conventional treatments. Baits release no offensive odors into your home and are not harmful to people or pets. Bait stations are child-resistant and the gel bait can be applied in areas not accessible to children and pets.

Contact a Milberger Pest Control exterminator in Kansas City to help rid your home of spiders and the insects they feed on. Our knowledge, training, and years of experience, coupled with appropriate chemical control measures, helps create a longer-lasting, more significant impact in maximizing pest control. All pest control services are offered on a 1-time, Quarterly, or Monthly basis depending on the severity of the problem and the needs of your location. Call us today in MO: (816) 761-1313 or KS: (913) 384-6760, or click here for a free quote.

Contact a Milberger Pest Control exterminator in Kansas City to help rid your home of spiders and the insects they feed on.