Pest Control for Destructive Ants

No pest control efforts are complete without also protecting your home or business from ants. While they may seem harmless, the truth is they are capable of serious damage to structures, may contaminate food sources and can be a literal pain if they bite

Milberger is dedicated to eliminating any kind of infestation in your home or business. In fact, we’ve made it our business since 1936! We do not send salespeople — every technician is trained to detect and treat Kansas City, Missouri Pests. 

How Ants Can Damage Your Home

With all our experience, we have seen the full spectrum of damage caused by ants. We have seen ants chew through kitchen cabinets and drywall, damage wood structures, even ruin wiring and insulation. 

Pantry and food stores have to be tossed and restocked and structures need repaired after being invaded by ants. All that and the time and money spent managing pest control all add up to more that what most homeowners care to deal with.  

How Ants Can Damage Your Lawn

Not only are they destructive inside your home, but ants can wreak havoc on your yard as well. Ants can damage grass roots when tunneling or smother grass with their mounds. If you have freshly seeded your lawn, ants will happily harvest your seeds to either eat or store for later consumption. 

If you have fruit trees, ants see it a delicious treat. They love sweet foods and will climb trees to get it fresh, not just consuming the fallen pieces of fruit on the ground.

With the warm weather we have been having, ants are busy at work — searching for food to bring back to the colony. If you have seen ants outside or inside your home, it’s time to call for a free Pest Control inspection from Milberger. 

The professional exterminators at Milberger Pest Control Service in Kansas City will recommend the safest treatment options for your situation. In some cases, the exterminator may find and eliminate one large colony, and it will offer immediate relief from the problem. In other cases, a broad spectrum barrier treatment will be effective.

Keep Ants Away with One Call Today!

Milberger Pest Control in Kansas City has been solving termite and pest control problems, including ants, in the Kansas City metropolitan area for over 80 years. We offer same-day service in many cases. All pest management services are offered on a one-time, quarterly, or monthly basis depending on the severity of the problem and the needs of your location.

For more information about ant control in Kansas City, contact Milberger at (816) 761-1313 in Missouri or (913) 384-6760 in Kansas, or click here to request your free inspection.