Roach Control: Roaches vs. Water Bugs

Roach control for roaches and other pests is a common problem for Missouri and Kansas homes and businesses. Infamous for their survival skills, cockroaches often require expert roach control pest control services. 

Roach-Control-Water-Bugs-Roaches-Kansas-City-Milberger-Pest-ControlWhat is the Difference Between a Roach and a Water Bug?

Giant water bugs are insects that are brown with beetle-like bodies. Their hefty, oval bodies can inflict painful bites and adults grow up to 2” in length. They are found throughout the state of Missouri, and their brownish color often leads to confusion with roaches. 

Like waterbugs, roaches do prefer damp places, but they are not aquatic like waterbugs. Roaches will hide in kitchens, bathrooms and other moist, dark places. Roaches have a longer antennae than water bugs and are smaller in size. Waterbugs will fly to nearby bodies of water while cockroaches cannot fly. 


How Does Roach Control Work?

Baiting treatments from Milberger Pest Control exterminators in Blue Springs and surrounding areas also offer less chemical exposure than other extermination methods. Less pesticide is applied to the environment when compared to conventional treatments. Baits release no offensive odors into your home and are not harmful to people or pets. Bait stations are child-resistant, and the gel bait can be applied in areas not accessible to children and pets.

Foraging roaches consume lethal doses of bait, then return to their nest. Because they carry the bait on their legs and bodies just like bacteria, they poison many other roaches who also receive a lethal dose before they die within 24-72 hours.

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