Termite Control for Kansas City Winters

Don’t let termite control and prevention slip during the winter months! While most insects hibernate in winter, termites are active year round. Milberger offers free termite inspections for Kansas City homeowners! If you would like to schedule a call or inspection, reach out today!

Why are Termites a Threat in Winter?

BusinessWire shares that “Winter weather can leave homes vulnerable to damage and moisture buildup. Termites are experts at finding, and capitalizing, on these faults. Once inside, termites are a major threat, as their constant chewing can compromise the structural integrity of a home from the inside out.” That’s why here in Kansas City, Milberger Pest Control takes termite control very seriously, including treating for winter termite control. 

Call Milberger for a free inspection by one of our Kansas City trained technicians. We don’t send sales people out on termite control inspections, but trained exterminators who can discuss options with how to best address your pest problem.

Don’t Attempt to DIY for Termite Control, Kansas City!

“If the home does have termites, an exterminator will be able to assess the amount of damage they have done and determine where the colony lives. These tiny white bugs can nest in gutters and pipes, so a professional is a resident’s best bet at finding and getting rid of them in those hard-to-reach or dangerous areas, “ explains BobVila.com. Termites depend on a warm environment to keep them alive, which is why your home is a cozy spot to chew some wood and feed their colony

Remember, Just Because You Can’t See Them…Doesn’t Mean They’re Gone!

Milberger Pest Control provides commercial and residential services tailored to the property’s individual needs. In the winter, we focus primarily on the interior of the home or building, searching for any openings where pests could enter or places where they can hide. We inform you about areas for concern, eliminate pests and provide you with a detailed inspection report, outlining the things that they’ve observed and if applicable, an action plan moving forward. 

The cold has hit Kansas City…NOW is the time to schedule your winter inspection and have Milberger Pest Control start ridding your home or office of pests.  Call Milberger Pest Control at (816) 761-1313 in MO and (913) 384-6760 in KS.