Bed Bug Removal in Kansas City During the Holidays

Bed bug removal is important for Kansas City, even during the holidays. Bed bugs breed quickly, which can mean a simple transfer of bugs or eggs from your holiday travels can lead to an infestation in a matter of days. Because bed bug eggs can even remain dormant during low temperatures, its important to have a free inspection by a trusted pest control professional if you suspect bedbug activity. 
Locally owned Kansas City bed bug removal experts, Everett Milberger Pest Control exterminators know how to treat bed bugs. They use their knowledge of over 85 years in business to eliminate your bed bug issue.

How Bed Bugs Invade a Home & When to Call for Bed Bug Removal

  • Travel – One of the most common ways to bring bed bugs into your Kansas City home is through travel. Suitcases & Hotel Stays are known bed bug carriers and since most have upholstery, linens and carpet, bed bugs can easily travel between them. If you are in the habit of placing your suitcase on the floor, you may want to instead make that the bathroom tile or countertop so no bed bugs hitch a ride back on your suitcase. Clothing and luggage are both at risk in these types of situations. If you see brown dots, red spots or bed bug shells, call a pest control professional immediately. 
  • Taxi Cabs or other Mass Transit – While you are less likely to catch a bed bug from a taxi cab due to their typical leather interior, numerous people take taxis, buses and airplanes every day and if one of them were carrying a bug, you can be their next host. 
  • Movie Theatres – Bedbugs can travel onto movie theatre seats on the clothing of other people. Once they’re there they can easily be transferred to another seat or occupant. We recommend washing clothes worn after visiting the movie theatre to prevent the problem occurring at home. 
Milberger Pest Control offers a free, in-home inspection for bed bugs and all other pests, including cock roaches, spiders, ants, termites and rodents. This is a no-obligation inspection by a trained technician. Our friendly exterminators use tried and true methods for bed bug removal to the Kansas City and surrounding cities. Call us or click today at 816-761-1313 / 913-384-6760. 
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