Pest Control in Kansas City This Winter

Pest Control should remain a priority for Kansas City homes and businesses year round, especially during the colder months. Bugs and pests are seeking more temperate, food-rich environments like the ones found in our homes and places of work. Kansas City pest control experts, Milberger Pest Control know how to treat and prevent pests for you this winter. 

Is Your Home Too Cozy?

If you are making your home or business easily accessible to pests this winter, then they will seek out the food and shelter there. Unfortunately, the pests that often make their way into our homes and businesses are neither cute or cuddly. They are often diseases ridden and can create messes or cause damage to your property. It is important to block access to your home and remove available food sources. 
Pests can usually find a food source either inside or close to your home. Removing their food — such as sealing away garbage bags, dog or cat food and bird seed as well as fixing any leaks that make puddles for little drinking stations will help. Putting away food sources, or storing them in plastic containers will help prevent pests like mice and bugs in your home. Seal off any holes, cracks or openings along your foundation that could grant pests access to your home.
If you do find a gap in your foundation or around a spigot outside, seal it up with caulk or a copper mesh sponge to prevent them from entering your home. Tree limbs that hang over your roof also provide an excellent access point for squirrels and rats to access your attic area. These areas are prime access points for ants and spiders so preventing them is key to avoid needing a professional extermination.
Setting bait stations or traps are another way to keep the population down at your home. If you would like the infestation efforts handled by a professional, or have seen rodent or other pest activity in your home, office  or garage, contact Milberger Pest Control today. 
Let us create a comprehensive pest control plan for you today! Contact us or Call Milberger at 816-761-1313 / 913-384-6760 to schedule an inspection in the Kansas City metro area with one of our trained technicians.