Pest Control – A Wholistic Viewpoint

Pest Control in Johnson County Kansas and Jackson County Missouri does not simply stop with spiders and termites. Milberger Pest Control takes a holistic approach when providing pest management services to homes, businesses or those in the food industry. 
Did you know that nearly 20% of the world’s food supply is consumed by rodents? Rodents are prime carriers not only of disease but also of other pests including fleas, ticks and mites. It is vital that food suppliers, shippers and grocery stores have a pest management protocol in place to prevent dangerous pests from contaminating their food supply. 
Cockroaches have allergens to which as many as 8% of people are allergic. Not only do people consider them filthy, but they are commonly found in Kansas City, Johnson County and Jackson County kitchens and throughout the world. Because they can reproduce quickly — a single female lays hundreds of eggs at a time — germs can be spread rapidly from their body or their droppings. 

What Different Methods of Pest Control Does Milberger Use?

The two most common types of pest control are physical methods and chemical methods. 
Physical methods use traps or bait stations to kill insects and rodents. 
Chemical uses barrier methods and pesticides, fumigation, and rodenticides. These different chemicals, when applied and mixed properly by a professional, are very safe and effective. 
Because Milberger has been a leader in the Pest Control industry for three generations, we have adopted an integrated pest management approach. This means we consider all control measures as useful and appropriate. Our pest management plan will not only include chemical and physical methods, but also education on good sanitation habits, removal of debris or infested plant materials and the use of pest resistant materials or practices.

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