Free Bed Bug Removal Inspections in Kansas City!

Bed Bug Removal for free in Kansas City sounds too good to be true and it often is. While there are many free DIY methods for bed bug removal, only professionals like Milberger Pest Control will guarantee results. 

Why DIY Methods Simply Wont Cut It

  • Wash & Dry Bedding – Customers often wash their bedding in hot water and dry on a hot setting, but this does not address the mattress. If you have a steam cleaner to also steam and vacuum the mattress you have a better chance of eliminating some bed bugs.
  • Vinegar Spray – While this will kill adult bugs, it does not kill the eggs so it is not a complete eradication solution and only offers short-term effects.
  • Use Extreme Heat or Extreme Cold – Search engine results also recommend placing affected items in a freezer at 0 degress for at least four days or leaving infested items in black trash bags outside or in an enclosed car so that the bag’s temperature reaches 95 degrees. Neither of these methods are feasible for a mattress and is hardly workable with a large comforter. 
Many of these DIY free bed bug removal methods only address the bed itself, but bed bugs are not confined to the bed so the entire room and home needs to be inspected to determine if treatment is needed. If you are in an apartment complex and suspect bed bug activity, contact the manager or landlord immediately. Once one apartment has them, bed bugs can easily travel through vents, door cracks or along walls to the next unit, quickly spreading throughout an entire complex. Bedbugs are  always multiplying, with females laying an egg every day, and it hatching in about 10 days. 
Even Scientific American says “you can’t spray bedbugs away” and “relying strictly on chemicals is generally not a good solution.” 
This is one of those cases where “hope is not a strategy” and spraying and washing may not yield you the results you are looking for. Luckily, pest control professionals at Milberger are only a call 816-761-1313 or 913-384-6760 or click away!
Milberger Pest Control is a family-owned business, solving termite, bed bug removal and pest control problems in the Kansas City metropolitan area since 1936. What that means for you is we are extremely experienced in eliminating the both the pests you see – and the ones you don’t see. Reach out today for a free bed bug inspection or removal quote.