Termite Control is Essential During Winter Months

Termite Control in Kansas City is as essential in winter as any other time of year. Termites pose a serious threat to homes and structures due to their ability to cause extensive structural damage. Unfortunately, the damage often goes unnoticed until it is quite severe. 

Locally-owned Milberger Pest Control has over 80 years in the pest control industry and is ready to offer termite control solutions for your residential or commercial needs. 

What Do Termites Do During Winter?

Although they are less active in winter, termites do not hibernate or go dormant during the winter months. Instead they hunker down in there nests and continue to eat, eat, eat any wood in sight. This means they are damaging structures, support beams, flooring, walls or furniture. Termites do not even sleep so they are 24/7 eating machines. Worker termites can live several years, causing undetected damage for an extended period of time. 

Termite Control Experts at Milberger Pest Control recommend regular inspections to ensure early detection and prevention. If you are already on one of our pest control plans, rest assured we inspect your property at each visit for all types of pests, including termites. If you do not receive routine pest control, having a professional inspection is a proactive approach to termite protection. Our trained professionals can identify signs of termite activity before a full-blown infestation has occurred. 

Why Milberger Pest Control?

Termites are often hard to spot and treat before damage has been done to the foundation or structure of your home or business. If you want to take a step towards early diagnosis, reach out for an inspection from a skilled Milberger Pest Control technician.

Milberger Pest Control is the best exterminator in Kansas City offering free inspections. For more information about termite control service or any other pest control solution, click here or call (816) 761-1313 in Missouri or (913) 384-6760 in Kansas. Don’t let these “silent destroyers” have a chance!