Pest Control – Winter Pests & Choosing the Best

Pest Control in winter brings its own set of challenges, but Milberger Pest Control is up to the task for Kansas City residential and commercial properties. As the cold weather sets in, many creatures seek shelter and warmth, naturally making their way into our homes. With a combination of barrier and chemical methods, Milberger can ensure you are protected no matter what mother nature may bring. 

Some of the top pests we see during winter are covered in this week’s blog. 

1.     Spiders

These resilient critters thrive in warm, moist environments which can be found in bathrooms and kitchens. To keep these eight-legged foes at bay, keep your home clutter-free so there are less undisturbed areas where spiders could hide. Seal cracks around your windows and doors and regularly vacuum and dust to remove webs. 

2.     Rodents

Mice, rat and squirrels are small mammals which can enter our homes, garages, storage sheds and other areas quickly causing damage by chewing through wires, wood or insulation. Their ability to also carry disease makes them an unwanted guest during any time of year. 

3.     Bed Bugs


These tiny, almost imperceptible pests are notorious for hitchhiking on clothing, bedding or luggage. Infestations can happen very quickly, but hiring a professional for pest control inspections can keep the bed bugs from spreading. 

Prevention is key when it comes to managing winter pests. Milberger Pest Control offers one-time, bi-annual, or quarterly treatment programs to fit your needs and budget. We also provide infestation treatments. Regular home maintenance goes a long way in keeping unwanted pests at bay, but if you find yourself in need of pest control in Kansas City or Johnson County, KS, consult with a professional for a free inspection and estimate. 

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