Roach Control for Kansas City Springtime

Roach control is something no one likes talking about. Cockroaches are the ultimate “gross” factor when it comes to nuisance pests — finding breeding grounds in food areas and trash cans, causing allergies for many Americans every year and spreading bacteria when they defecate or get smashed. They’re fast, they are repulsive and Milberger Pest Control knows how to get rid of them! 

How Does the Weather Affect Roaches?

Cockroaches are cold-blooded and hibernate in the winter. So when longer days and warmer temperatures begin in the spring, Cockroaches are ready to search for food and a breeding mate. Spring is an optimal time for them to invade your home as it is often a source of food and shelter. 

Planet Natural, an organic gardening website recommends making sure tubs and sinks stay dry overnight and ensuring proper food storage to avoid the risk of cockroach infestation. 

What is Typical Cockroach Behavior?

When temperatures warm up, roach season begins. Because cockroaches cannot develop or reproduce eggs when temperatures are below 45 degrees, they remain dormant for the most part of Kansas City winters. Roach control is important in the springtime to prevent breeding and keep roach levels of your home or business at a minimum. 

Cockroaches prefer a warm and moist environment, which is why they are most often seen in kitchens and bathrooms

Why Should You Hire A Pro for Roach Control?

Sometimes efforts to prevent an infestation are not enough. Even if entry points are sealed, food is put away and water leaks are stopped, roaches can sometimes still find a way in. If you have seen droppings, egg casings or an adult cockroach, it’s time to take action.

If you want a pest-free spring and don’t want to bother with messy sprays, traps that your pets could get into, or looking at dead bugs on sticky traps for weeks, reach out to a professional who will create a comprehensive pest management strategy to not only treat current roaches but also prevent new ones from ever entering your home or business. 

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