The Cost of Termite Control

The cost of termite control goes beyond the cost of the treatment chemicals and professional application. Milberger Pest Control in Kansas City knows there is also a price to pay if treatment does not take place soon enough as well as the added cost to repair damage. That’s why we offer free inspections to the Kansas city area.

Everett Milberger Pest Control service in Kansas City has a long history of successfully treating and removing destructive termites – insects that cost American consumers nearly $5 billion annually in treatments and repairs – from homes.

Because homeowners’ insurance typically does not cover termite control or termite infestation treatment, getting the ball rolling on prevention and extermination can save you the most money in the long run.  

Milberger Pest Control offers no-cost termite inspections for Kansas City metro residents. If a termite infestation or colony is detected, we can discuss options and cost to best treat your issue. 

Milberger has been in business for over 80 years and that has only been possible through our honest pricing, our dedicated pest control team and our work guarantee. Milberger Pest Control has been around so long because our products and staff get results.  We train, certify and bond our exterminators so you receive professional results and excellent customer service every time, no matter who assists you. You can choose us with confidence.

Milberger Pest Control provides commercial and residential termite control services tailored to the property’s individual needs. Our trained technicians will identify areas for concern, eliminate pests and provide you with a detailed inspection report, outlining the things that they’ve observed and if applicable, an action plan moving forward. 

Now is the time to schedule your spring inspection and have Milberger Pest Control start ridding your home or office of pests.  Call Milberger Pest Control at (816) 761-1313 in MO and (913) 384-6760 in KS.